Psychology Support


Psychological support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), typically involves supporting a person to develop greater functional capacity toward achieving their NDIS specific goals.

The duration of NDIS psychology support sessions is dependent on the referral and the psychology support budget that the NDIS has allocated. Sessions are delivered either in the office, in a community setting or within your home or place of residence.

A strengths-based approach is employed to assist a person to focus on values-based living and to harness existing strengths to meet with life challenges and achieve desired goals. Strengths can include a person’s abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations and potential. Strengths can also include a person’s social networks and community resources.

Julie primarily works with psychosocial disability (i.e., mental health/psychiatric condition).

Functional capacity and goal achievement:

Capacity building is the process of developing abilities in order to perform functions and solve problems and is part of the process a person goes through when achieving goals. Capacity building strategies involve:
  • promoting being open to possibilities rather than focusing or fixing dysfunctions
  • promoting self-efficacy, i.e., building confidence in a person’s own ability to influence the events that shape life and to exercise choice and control over their own life.
    • promoting personal empowerment and a readiness to tackle new challenges and goals.

NDIS referrals and fees:

Please contact FEEL: Psychology & Yoga directly to request a referral form be sent to you.

Fees charged for NDIS supports will always remain in line with current NDIS guidelines.